Friday, February 1, 2008

Soap Bubbles Bubbles


Life is like blowing of bubbles, our hopes and dreams are the bubbles of life we are blowing; they do not all have to break.

A bubble is how a child's breath can make something beautiful from nothing - just like God made the universe.

Eiffel Gray Plasterer (1899-1989) :
  • taught physics and mathematics
  • used soap bubbles in the classroom and on stage to prove that:

            • hydrogen burns, mixed with oxygen will explode and that there is lifter in hot air,
            • how light is reflected,
            • how surface tension works
            • how various shapes are formed by soap films.
            • to show sound vibrations

  • In 1932, he gave the first bubble show for fellow teachers and eight years later he took "Bubbles Concerto"
  • was featured bubbleologist at the San Francisco Exploratorium Bubble Festivals :)

"You never grow too old to blow bubbles."

... we are all just soap bubbles, with our souls sparlinkg with thoughts and feelings for only one second ... in an endless time...


RIBubbleGuy said...

Eiffel was a bubble-man of greatness! Thank you for spreading the word about him. There are documentary videos on YouTube about his life and work if anyone is interested.



Alina Croitoru said...

Thanks for the hint!I did found the videos.
The interested ones can start from here: